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Betheden Ministries

Welcome to Betheden Ministries, the non-profit behind the global Hebrew outreach Aleph with Beth! To continue to Aleph with Beth, please click the banner below. We’re looking forward to meeting you, and helping you experience the joy of Hebrew! Our purpose is to help see the whole Bible in every language, and the global Church equipped for growth and maturity.

Aleph with Beth. Experience the joy of Hebrew.
What we want to be a part of.

Core Values
We have adapted the core values of an organization called Unfolding Word. We hold these to be essential to who we are and how we want to operate:

  • Returning to Joy — Because the joy of the Lord is our strength, we refuse to operate out of fear but will return to joy in all circumstances.
  • Working Interdependently — Because we seek scalable solutions, we will pursue strategic, genuine relationships and cultivate Christ-exalting partnerships.
  • Always Learning — Because we seek excellence and effectiveness, we strive to innovate and continuously improve.
  • Walking in Humility — Because we are one part of the body of Christ, we serve alongside the global Church to understand and meet their needs.
  • Freely Giving — Because we have received everything from God as a gift, we are committed to making all of our content free and open-access to everyone, and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Empowering the Under-Resourced — Because many non-Western Christians still suffer the lack of quality biblical resources, we endeavor to prioritize giving them access to these resources.

Betheden Ministries Constitution

Betheden Ministries Statement of Faith