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How It Works

Step One: Explore our channel and get a feel for what’s available. Make sure you don’t miss the playlist that helps you focus only on the lessons and quizzes.

Step Two: Make a plan for how you want to use the videos, whether that be in a classroom, for self-directed learning, or homeschool.

A textbook is not necessary to learn Hebrew with our videos. If you want to use one, you can, but it’s completely optional.

That said, here are a few recommendations for those who are serious about making progress in Hebrew with our videos:

Practicing saying the words and phrases out loud, because this will help you internalize the language and feel like you own it. Watch the videos as many times as you need to start understanding.

Strive to be comfortable learning like a kid. That means being ok with ambiguity for a while.

Don’t miss the quiz videos after every few lessons that give you an opportunity to practice out loud and to check yourself. You may be surprised how much you’ve learned after just a few videos! Even if you can’t remember all the vocabulary on the quiz, don’t worry! If you can produce it from memory, that’s awesome, but the most important thing is that you recognize and understand the word when you hear it.

Make sure to watch the lessons in order, because with each lesson we’re building on what came before and assuming you already are familiar with the vocabulary and grammar presented in earlier videos.

And don’t miss our further recommendations in the video below!

For Use Offline

If you’d like to share our videos with others who have limited or no internet, or just want to have the videos available offline, the video below explains how you can do that with ease.